SGM Fans! We’ve created a little game for you – We’ve collected 12 photos of DJ home setups, and it’s up to YOU to match the names of the DJ to the picture! There are 12 photos of 12 different DJ setups; all DJs are from the SGM Roster, and it’s one DJ per setup. Whoever matches the most correct answers will win a prize!

We will have the answers out in another blog post on May 21. May the odds be ever in your favor…


1. Beatnick

2. Who

3. Artistic

4. Niques

5. W Steele

6. Don Dada

7. Scooter

8. Chris Cutz

9. Demon

10. Fresh One
Fresh One DJ Setup

11. Mike Czech
Mike Czech DJ Setup

12. Mikey Beats
Mikey Beats DJ Setup