Accidents do happen and all DJs should take the necessary steps to make sure you avoid all unexpected issues.

Having your music and files on an external hard drive could be the key to getting back up and running if you’re having technical issues. Also, having spare USBs ready to play can be essential when your gear is not cooperating.

Always have the latest versions of Serato and your tech’s Firmware. Platforms are continuously upgrading to fix bugs and glitches. Make sure to be up to date with the latest downloads to make sure everything for your operating system is good to go.

Having mic skills can also come in handy. Like we all know, laptops can have unexpected errors. So just in case you need to restart your computer mid-set or restart your program, you should be prepared to jump on the mic to ease the transition.

Hopefully, these tips and suggestions better prepare you for your future gigs. You can never be too prepared for in case of a disaster!

Will Duka

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