In the world of USB sticks, and SD Cards, many may think the CD has now become somewhat irrelevant in the DJ world. However, there are a select few DJs that still hang onto the history of the CD as a valuable tool. Here are a few reasons why some DJs continue to use or support CDs as part of, or even as the entirety of there DJ set. DJs still use them for promotional tools to promote their brands as well.

1) Some DJs feel CDs are still a very reliable means of transporting music to a performance. Some may have concerns over many of the new CDJ technology’s reliability. Some issues that may occur include: not being able to read USB Sticks or SD cards, and even data getting erased. With a CD you typically don’t see as many malfunctions with music transfer and some artists like this reliability factor.

2) The CD is still a solid and fairly inexpensive promotional tool which can be given out at gigs to promote the artist. Still most automobiles have CD players, so a DJ who hands out a CD to a potential fan can still expect to have some promotional return on investment.

3) For aspiring DJs who don’t have the funds to purchase high quality DJ Performance Software, CDs can still be a solid inexpensive alternative.

These are just a few reasons some DJs still feel as if the CD is relevant in the marketplace despite the fact that trends have continued to go away from them as USB sticks, laptops, and SD cards become more prevalent in the DJ industry. There’s also the nostalgic factor that comes to play just like with vinyl records.

Troy Gilmore
Vice President

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