DJ Skribble was recently featured on the ROAD Podcast (Reflections of a DJ), a show that gives you unfiltered opinions from the eyes and ears of four seasoned DJ’s from the Las Vegas nightclub industry. Right away the fellas get Skribble’s thoughts on the beef going on between 2 New York legends; Kid Capri and Funk Master Flex. Skribble explains the difference between the two DJ’s style-wise, who he relates to personally as a DJ, and who he thinks would win in a battle. Crooked brings up Skribble’s days as a rapper in a group known as the Young Black Teenagers, the controversy that came with the name, and how they constantly had to prove themselves as MC’s. Neva recalls Skribble as being one of the first DJ to spin hip hop and house music at a high level. Skribble speaks on his early residencies in Vegas, and well as doing some of the early legendary pool parties. Skribble also talks of his days with MTV, his role with “Yo MTV Raps” coming up under Ed Lover and Dr. Dre, and also bringing the brand back as a hip hop show. Be sure to check out the show!